Studio Policy

Bravi Tutti Studio Policies

Learning how to sing is also about becoming a musician! Becoming proficient at reading music is one of our goals at Bravi Tutti. We will work on some aspects of musicianship during every lesson, but please continue working on sight-reading skills and musicianship during your daily practice time.

Preparing for your lessons

Practice! Do it often and enjoy it. You are developing a relationship with your beautiful voice. It is important to develop a daily ritual for your practice. Singing is fun! If you are new to learning a musical instrument it may take you a few weeks to settle into a daily routine of practice, but after a couple of lessons you will feel encouraged to explore the sound-making process and enjoy getting to know your instrument. Keeping a journal of your practice will help you see growth over time. A Sample Journal document will be provided as a guideline to assist you in starting your journal.

Going through the vocalizing exercises that we record in your lessons will be essential to your progress. Singing through your recorded lessons will be of great value because you are building a repertoire of exercises. Each exercise is designed to teach you something about support, breath control, resonance, or all three. Once you become accustomed to certain melodic patterns and your tonal memory increases, we will add on. Each vocal exercise is a building block to your technique. Every time you go through the exercises you are building vocal coordination. Yahoo : )

Lessons & Scheduling

Lessons should take place once a week. Research shows that students who take weekly scheduled lessons are the ones who excel the most.

For your convenience, you can purchase packages of lessons and book your time online. When you purchase 5 lessons at a time, you will receive a 20% savings – an incentive to help you advance quickly. Once you schedule your lesson it is on my calendar and I will be looking forward to spending time with you. If you do not wish to purchase a package of lessons, you can opt for the ‘drop-in’ lesson. This allows you to take lessons when it works with your busy schedule. ‘Drop-in’ lessons are $75/hour.


Cancelled by the Student – Lessons cancelled with 24 hours advance notice will be rescheduled. No Shows and Tardiness result in lost time that cannot be used by anyone. No refunds will be given for no-shows or tardiness. If I have to cancel a lesson I will reschedule it at your convenience!


We all have busy lives and I understand that unforeseen things come up and emergencies happen. A test tomorrow, or lots of homework is not a reason you should cancel or reschedule a lesson. And don’t cancel just because you haven’t had enough time to practice. It’s okay –you can still make progress by meeting with me! I can help you with your vocal coordination and get you back in the groove. Come take your lesson! You paid for it and I am eager to work with you : )

Time (yours, mine and our other students)

Time is a valuable and non-renewable commodity. Please be considerate of all three. With most illnesses, you should be able to notify me 24 hours before the lesson. But if you become sick at school, please let me know at your earliest convenience so I can make time available to others. With adequate notice (24 hours in advance) you will receive a makeup lesson.

Registration fee

There will be a yearly registration, materials, information technology, & administration fee of $35 charged per student upon enrollment. This fee will cover my repertoire selection for you, links to recordings for you to study, and administrative costs.


I am accustomed to producing studio recitals and have done so on many occasion. In order to make it worth everyone’s time, we should have between 5 and 10 participants for each recital. I like to have a cohesive musical program for presentation. It may not happen every semester depending on where students are in their study. Let’s see where everyone is after this first Fall Semester together. In the event we do not have the requisite number of participants to produce a Public Recital we will have a Recital Rehearsal Class (5 student minimum). (just a thought)

Studio recitals allow students to show their talent and growth while practicing their newfound vocal habits under the gentle pressure of performance. When we do a public recital, there will be some fees involved like venue rental, rehearsals in the venue, and accompanist fees. These are all based on the time involved for me and the accompanist and the cost of the venue. But I promise you a fantastic experience! You will be very proud to be a part of our studio recitals.